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Black Christian Experience

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Our Mission

To engage in the theological formation of seminarians, pastors and activists; engage in cutting-edge research and scholarship; lead interactive dialogue locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; and provide educational opportunities through lectures, forums, symposia.

Project Highlights and Progress


Nurturing “Strong and Courageous” Youth
The Mission

The Institute for the Study of the Black Christian Experience (ISBCE) at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary has launched its newest project, #EQUIP: Nurturing “Strong and Courageous” Youth. The central purpose of the project is to #EQUIP clergy, lay leaders and parents to expand their vision for worship as they reassess their ministry to youth. #EQUIP will support local churches in the development and implementation of innovative initiatives at the intersection of youth ministry and worship. #EQUIP aims to nurture middle and high school youth into strong and courageous leaders within the local church.

Our Progress:





Years Strong


We have a crucial role within the Christian witness in the United States, despite its continuing exclusion from the narrative. 
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About The Boston Black Church Vitality Project

The vitality of the Black Church is essential to the health of the Church of the United States. The Boston Black Church plays a pivotal role in demonstrating the power of Black Christian experiences from throughout the diaspora in holistic models of prophetic leadership, community care, spiritual formation and the pursuit of justice.

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