Who We Are

"We believe that the collective Black Christian Experience has much to share with the Global Church" 


A Few Words About ISBCE


To share with the global Church the powerful testimony, rich heritage and dynamic distinctives of the collective Black Christian Experience across (and beyond) the many denominations of the Black Church.


To engage in the theological formation of seminarians, pastors and activists; engage in cutting-edge research and scholarship; lead interactive dialogue locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; and provide educational opportunities through lectures, forums, symposia.



The Institute is interested in the personal narratives of diverse representations of the global Black Christian Experience

The Institute aims to explore the influence and impact of Blacks within broader Christian platforms and movements such as evangelicals, reformed, and others.

The Institute will study the influence and impact of the Black Christian Experience on Global Christianity, particularly in the areas of theology, church history, missions, evangelism, homiletics and ethnodoxology.

The Institute will take the lead in conversations focused on race relations and racial reconciliation within and beyond the Church.

ISBCE Advisory Council

Rev. Dr. Michael David Bailey

Hamilton & DMIN Alumnus

Ms. Arva J. Byron

CUME Alumna

Ms. Rita Smith Dove

Hamilton Alumna

Rev. Dr. Nicole Massie Martin

DMIN Alumna

Rev. Dr. Cleotha Robertson

Hamilton Alumnus

Rev. Dr. Patrick T. Smith

ISBCE co-founder

Mr. LaNorris Triplett

Jacksonville Alumnus

Rev. Dr. Vince Bantu

CUME Alumnus


Emmett G. Price III, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Minister Myra Kinds

#EQUIP Senior Regional Consultant

Tramaine E. Weekes

Director of Communications

Katishia Gallishaw

Director of Finance & Operations

Lindse’ Owens

Graphic Designer